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You are the last person on earth with a cup of coffee. Everyone wants your coffee. Don't die.

"This is the best game of the year without a single doubt... I just flew across a ravine of buildings using coffee cups" - Lukeydoo

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorEdward Han
GenreShooter, Survival
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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LINUX 1.1.zip 34 MB
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WIN 1.1.zip 21 MB


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This game kinda died but you can fire downwards and boos yourself up to unreachable areas

This game is sooo fun! But can you make like an update for reloading the coffee? I'm tired of using all of it and then I do nothing the whole time

it'd be cool if you turned the enemies into a zombie looking person that's obviously sleep deprived and in need of the coffee way more than you are but you still wont give it up because it's the last cup of coffee on earth and you will enjoy every last sip.

I like coffee.

I like games.

Someone makes game about coffee. 

I make shitty video about this game.

Will the person who created this game like my video? 

Hard to play with touchpad because we can't set sensivity.

And can't control well with keyboard either since for some reason, hitting a key is like it's kept hold and my character always move into that same direction, and doesn't obey if I give him another direction, so I end up hitting a wall and I lose.

I'm having the same problem. Whatever key you hit first it sticks in that mode forever.

I had fun using the cups to get onto the buildings.

This was a fun little game. I tried my hardest to break it, and I did!

Change the health into a string to make it whole

Oh my god, so much fun, and so much more difficult than I thought! Didn't even realised I could get on the buildings!

My Final Form! | Coffee Physics | Ep #1

Stuck on the main menu.

This gave me a right good chuckle. The bus is am amazing flying machine! 

Dude, you need to make a way to get on top of the tallest building, asap. this game is great.

stuck on home screen. D:


Absolutely awesome!!!

So I played this and did some Spider Man shit and killed weeble people and pretty much had a good day, Your welcome btw.

Simple but, it's fun has a great beat to keep you going and, going! (just like coffee!)

This is completely stupid in the best way

The title screen does not work for me i cant play

Saaaaaame!!!! :(

Had a lots of fun playing! Looking for more!

very fun

I have a super fun time with this game! It was random and funny and it was hilarious trying to figure out what was going on. Hope you don't mind that I also made a video. Sorry about the audio quality.

I wish I could have played this but it wouldn't even start up for me! I was stuck at the home screen.

This game was harder than I thought! I thought it was fun to try to avoid the angry mob of caffeine hungry people! 

It won't let me start! :( Im stuck at the home page 

Here's my gameplay of it, I enjoyed this game alot!


you dont even know how to play..........



I enjoyed this, but it's certainly a prototype of an idea rather than a full game. Still fun and interesting though.

This game was super entertaining! I had so much fun playing and even spooked myself a couple times! I did make a small gameplay video for it and if you got a chance to check it out (and watch me jumpscare myself) I'd be really appreciative! In the meantime thank you for creating such a silly and fun game! 

yes make more games like blacksmith

i played you blacksmith game and i loved it!!!! please make more of blacksmith.

Hey! This game is neato!
It's not so much to it in terms of gameplay. But the easier the better.

The best way to be immersed in it is to drink your coffee and then play.

The physics of the game are the best part of it (As it should be with this title).

I wish there was a bit more powerups or some stuff like that. It would be even more fun.

To sum it up, it's a fun little game to kill time. I wish it had a scoreboard though

Here's my experience with the game :D

Are they the messiah or a victim of their own lies?